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Accounting Services consultant in delhi Book Keeping Services


BM COMPTAX  helps companies to streamline their finance vertical by developing solution that fulfil the client's requirement with respect to operations, processes and technology.

Who Can Outsource
We provide services globally to CPAs, CAs, Accounting firms and direct clients for outsourcing their regular accounting work to enable them to significantly reduce their cost and also helping them shift their focus to more strategic things.

Outsourcing is a Tool to maximize profitability and reduce cost up to 60%.

Whether you are a sole proprietor, firm or a company, we can provide Accounting Outsourcing Services and Financial Accounting Outsourcing Services on a monthly, quarterly or annual basis as per your requirement.

Meaningful, well-organized financial records delivered in time ensure that your business operations will run more efficiently on a daily basis and are the foundation of a successful business. Our qualified staff can assist you with the day-to-day tasks associated with bookkeeping.

What can be Outsourced
All the services of bookkeeping and accounting can be outsourced to us. These services include:
• General Ledger
• Accounts Payable
• Accounts Receivable
• Fixed Asset Register
• Inventory accounting
• Bank Reconciliation Statement
• Monthly and annual financial statements
• Preparation of ledgers, sub-ledgers and journals
• Preparation and Finalization of Accounts from incomplete records

How to Outsource
For the actual execution of work, we will need to exchange information with the Overseas CPA/CA/Bookkeeper (hereinafter called overseas counterpart). Overseas counterpart will give us the input data (scanned documents) and we shall give them output data after processing their input data. For such exchange of information, a media has to be selected. Following are the options of media, from which the overseas counterpart can choose:
• We can download input/ upload output on server of overseas counterpart or
• Overseas counterpart can upload input/ download output from our secure ftp server or
• Overseas counterpart can fax input documents and output backup files be sent on your server or our server or
• E mail attachments be sent as input data as well as output data You can choose the media according to your convenience and satisfaction.

Processing of Data
On receipt of input, data is processed and the accounting records are updated. Backups are taken and the relevant reports are sent using the media selected and in hard copy on a pre-agreed frequency with Balance Sheet, Income Statements, Profit & Loss Statement, Bank Reconciliation, correction to client's check register.

The software for use in bookkeeping and tax returns processing shall be specified by Overseas counterpart, which in turn may be specified to them by their client also. We shall process all the data in the software specified by Overseas counterpart.

Why Outsource from RNA Advisory
• Major costs savings in accounting & overhead work
• Trained and highly qualified staff at your disposal, anytime you need
• Your work is completed and is available to you the first thing in the morning. Turnaround time is short depending upon each project
• You pay only for actual work done
• The cost of Outsourcing from us will be a fraction of your existing or likely expenditure on that activity
• The work will be accomplished at significant savings
• The work will be completed on schedule
• The quality of work would be top-notch

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